Strong Project Management
One of the benefits of using an external company like Tribe Coders is the ability to work closely with experienced managers.
In the project’s initial phase, the manager is involved in defining exact needs. His routine responsibilities involve gathering of basic requirements, defining action plan, execution, verifying the resuts.
A customer submits a request for a proposal along with list of requirements.
The Manager' analyses it and provides the client with an appropriate proposal that describes the process of implementing the requirements and outlines the budgetary estimates.
Once the proposal is accepted, Tribe Coders assigns a project to a team, completes the necessary documentation and initiates the process.
We keep it agile any additional requirements are welcome.
Once the needs are fullfiled, Tribe Coders hands over the to the customer.
The Manager collects all comments and, if necessary, starts the next iteration. process.
Tribe Coders then delivers the final product.